Drill Rod Material Information

Drill Rod is manufactured to exacting standards for tolerance, size, straightness, surface finish, and uniformity.  Each grade comes in 36” lengths that have been centerless ground free of decarburization and then polished to final size.

Typical Drill Rod Tolerances

Range of sizes:


· 2.000” to 0.500” +/- .001”

· 0.499” to 0.125” +/- .0005”

· 0.124 & smaller +/- .0003”

Drill Rod Material In Stock

· A-2 Drill Rod, color code YELLOW


An air hardening die steel.  This grade is used to replace the O-1 grade for applications requiring safer heat treatment, less distortion during hardening and greater wear resistance.  This grade exhibits considerably less movement during heat-treating than experienced with the O-1 grade.  As far as machinability, toughness and abrasion, resistance are concerned, A-2 is equal to – or better than – either Oil or air hardening manganese type die steels in most applications.


· D-2 Drill Rod, color code WHITE


This air hardening die steel offers significantly better wear resistance and a high compressive strength that makes it a better choice than the A-2 grade for long-run applications.  It exhibits minimum distortion after heat-treating.  Though not as tough as the O-1 and A-2 grades.  D-2 can withstand a surprising amount of shock and is widely used for difficult cold-forming applications.  This grade is an outstanding performer where high production and/or close tolerances on finished parts are required.


· VIC-44 (H-13) Drill Rod, color code is BROWN


Designed for hot work applications, similar to the VDC grade, this free machining grade is prehardened to the Rockwell Rc 42-46 range and still retains adequate machinability properties.  Since it is finished prehardened, all problems of size change during heat treatment are eliminated and work can be directly machined to finish dimensions.  VIC-44 (H-13) often is used in high-strength machinery parts.


· M-2 Drill Rod, color code is RED


This tungsten-molybdenum high-speed steel is hardenable to Rockwell Rc 65.  Compared to other drill rod grades, M-2 features excellent abrasion resistance, with good toughness, and provides superior resistance to softening at elevated temperatures (red hardness).


· O-1 Drill Rod, color code is GOLD


This oil-hardening die steel is characterized by dimensional stability (low movement) during hardening and high hardness response from low quenching temperatures.  It offers a good combination of machinability, toughness, and abrasion resistance that makes this well known die steel ideal for many tool room applications.


· S-7 Drill Rod, color code is RED & WHITE


An air or oil hardening die steel with a unique combination of toughness and wear resistance properties making it an ideal choice for many tooling applications.  An intermediate carbon level balanced with moderate amounts of chromium and molybdenum provides the outstanding properties of S-7.  It is used successfully for both cold and hot tooling applications as the result of its unusual combination of properties.  S-7 is recommended for cold work tools such as shear blades, swaging dies gripper dies chisels and punches that require a high degree of shock resistance. S-7 is suitable for dies used in plastics molding and other applications where operating temperatures are below 1000 F.


· W-1 Drill Rod, color code is LIGHT BLUE


A water-hardening 1% carbon alloy, this grade is used where a simple heat treatment is more important than either wear resistance or high dimensional stability during heat-treating.  W-1 has many general metalworking applications, but doesn’t provide tool life equal to O-1 material. 


Drill Rod in diameters smaller than ½” usually will harden throughout, but larger cross sections will exhibit a hardened case and a tough core.
  · Slight variations from typical analysis shown may occur in order to maintain the desired graphitizing potential.  
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